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4 Tips to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Your home is indeed your castle, but your outdoor space has the potential to become your personal kingdom! While the indoors may hold its allure, creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor sanctuary offers charm, curb appeal and many more benefits for one’s overall well-being. Don’t be intimidated, regardless of size there are countless tips and tricks to enhance any outdoor area and transform it into the private haven you’ll want to come home to!

If elevating your outdoor space is on your wish list, then let the friendly team at Blue Print Management help guide you on this journey. Join us as we highlight some of our favourite practical and creative ways to achieve the ultimate outdoor retreat, right here!


If you envision spending a lot of time in your new outdoor oasis, then it is worth incorporating solutions for both shade and privacy. These factors are extremely important for creating a comfortable and intimate atmosphere outdoors since shielding yourself, and your space, from the sun's harsh rays is essential for protection against UV rays and having your privacy gives a sense of tranquility. Strategically position tall plants, or take advantage of existing trees, to create a natural barrier that shields against noise and prying eyes. Alternatively, consider installing outdoor blinds, shade sails, umbrellas, or retractable awnings, as these not only provide shade but add aesthetic appeal to complement any outdoor setting. What’s more, because these options are designed specifically for outdoor use, you’ll get the perfect blend of durability with functionality!


Nature and the outdoors are synonymous, so once nurtured, grants an exceptional experience that is good for both the physical and mental spaces. Regardless of size, you can easily level up your outdoor space by strategically incorporating greenery. Simple, affordable and yet extremely effective ways to do this is by hanging potted plants or flowers, or by utilizing a trellis or canopy of vines; all of which will add colour and texture, while giving life to this space. If suited, consider creating a vegetable garden which will give back to the table, or perhaps you may want to develop a flower garden along the perimeter of your property for an eye-catching result that also improves curb appeal.


In general, lighting can be used as a subtle yet impactful way to enhance the ambiance of any space - outdoor lighting, however, goes a step further to add extended functionality and safety, as well. By installing decorative lighting outdoors to illuminate paths, or to highlight accents walls and other aesthetic features, you will seamlessly enhance the area and make it more appealing and inviting. Feel free to incorporate your own personal style and preferences when selecting lighting fixtures, which can range from the more traditional, to string or fairy lights, lanterns, and the increasingly popular solar powered torches.


Time in your outdoor space should bring you a high level of tranquility and relaxation, so comfortable seating is a must have here! Whatever the size of the space, your style or budget, invest in quality furniture that will help achieve your desired look. When selecting outdoor furniture, keep in mind it should suit our tropical climate and resist the elements. Smart choices include hammocks, lounge chairs, rattan sofas and sectionals - or a combination of these, as they all cater to different seating needs. You can further add decorative cushions and pillows to pull it all together, and if you like to entertain, features such as functional (or purely aesthetic) fire pits, sound systems and even bar nooks, are definite winners when spending time with family and friends in this space!

Before you start any project, it's important to consider your goals and how you plan to utilise the area. Whether you want to indulge in outdoor dining, create a space to lounge around and relax, implement a vibrant garden, or a combination for a comprehensive outdoor experience, know that transforming your outdoor space doesn't require a massive budget or extensive remodeling. We hope that these tips help to guide you on your design choices and achieve the outdoor space of your dreams!

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