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about us

Blue Print Management is an influential collective of architects, engineers, project managers, designers and planners. With over 25 years in the industry and developing and managing some of the Caribbean’s most prestigious, innovative and advanced buildings, spaces and homes, we are proud to say we have transformed the way people connect, live and work. 


Regardless of the size of the project, , we help individuals and businesses achieve measurable business and personal goals. It’s not just about creating something that’s ‘pretty’,  rather it’s about delivering to clients more engaging and innovative results and solutions that exceed their expectations.



1. One Stop Shop – We provide absolutely everything you need for your project under one roof - from architectural and interior design to supplying materials for construction, to purchasing from our very own supply shop at very competitive prices. Our team of highly dedicated and committed professionals can handle any aspect of your project.


2. Holistic Approach – When looking at your project, we don’t only look at it from a financial perspective but rather, take the holistic view to provide better value for you, the client and ensure all your needs are met, of course for the best price. 

3. Our People - Our team is the heart of our operation. Not only are our team members highly qualified in their field of expertise but they have a drive and passion that cannot be taught in any school, or developed on any site – it comes from within! 




We listen to you, our clients. You are our inspiration and we are here to fulfill your needs and wants. From several briefs and physically walking the project/land with clients, we develop an understanding of your aspirations and what you are trying to achieve. It is only then, can we develop the concept.  


Once the concept is developed we go to work on the design. After intense engagement  with the client, a detailed and to-scale drawing of the design is developed.

plan for development

Once the design stage is solidified, pricing can be accurately completed and the process of selecting the contractor can begin. A schedule for timing and budget with the contractor is then developed.

proactive management

We always aim to make any project/build as seamless and smooth for clients. That is why we have taken a very precise and proactive approach. We aim to map out, troubleshoot and solve issues before they arrive. Not only does this help with time but also saves the client money.  Once the project commences we work very diligently with the contractor to ensure timeframe, budget, quality, precision and efficiency are maintained. 

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