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Every business starts somewhere and Blue Print Management’s story starts in Canada. Josee, founder and CEO of the company, moved to Barbados, saw great opportunity and soon decided to make her life in Barbados permanent. 


With a team of highly skilled, talented and passionate professionals, Blue Print Management is now one of the most sought after architectural and project management firms in Barbados and the Caribbean.  With working knowledge of the Caribbean labour force, industry understanding, and highly advanced organizational processes we are able to foresee problems, therefore saving both time and money for clients. 



Being meticulously organised and detail oriented, understanding the culture and nature of your industry and labour force along with advanced leadership and management skills are only small pieces of the project management puzzle. Approaching a project in a holistic way allows our company and therefore our clients to do exceptional things. 


Our qualified project and construction management team ensures all client needs and local regulations are met in a timely and budget adhering manner. Successful working relationships between all parties involved are key and we ensure quality, cost, delivery and safety are at the forefront of our operations. 


Large or small, we supply project and construction management for all types of commercial or residential projects. 

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Designing meaningful buildings, spaces and interiors that stay true to their purpose is one of our main objectives. By engaging in a highly collaborative and hands-on process, we are able to produce results that are bold yet humble, beautiful yet greatly functional, and innovative yet relatable.


Acquiring the supplies and materials for your project can no doubt be an overwhelming and often very complicated process. Our multi-faceted networks and approach allow for dependable, consistent and secure solutions that save time and reduce and manage costs. 


Supplier optimisation, risk management and quality control are some of the key strategic positions we take in order to deliver the absolute best logistics and supply chain management. 

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