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5 Easy Tips to add Festive Cheer to your Home this Christmas

Although Christmas is the most magical time of the year, the hassle of decorating and running last-minute errands can make it seem more like a chore than a holiday. Why not try a different strategy this year? Skip the Christmas tree, take a step away from the chaos and try the following five tips to add festive cheer to your home.

Fill Glass Jars with Holiday Ornaments

Decorating for Christmas does not mean spending a fortune on new decorations. This year, try filling a few glass jars with holiday ornaments. For this tip, find glass jars of different sizes around your home such as old mason jars. Different sizes means that these jars can be placed in multiple spaces in your home. Once you have found the jars, gather any small ornaments that you have lying around and put them into the jars. Then decorate the jars with garland or ribbons to add that cheerful element. You can place these lovely decorations on mantles, windowsills, or tables to fill a room with the Christmas spirit.

Candles to bring the Festive Ambiance

Bring the festive ambiance to your home this Christmas with the addition of candles. Candlelight brings a cosy and warm touch to any room which is very suited to the holiday season as this is time spent with family and dear friends. It is best to choose fragrant scented candles such as pine or cinnamon to boost the Christmas atmosphere. If scented candles are not for you, you can opt for white, red, or green unscented candles. These colours will give your home the old-fashioned Christmas charm.

Update Your Kitchen Towels and Tablecloths

Swap out your usual kitchen towels for more festive coloured towels. If you are someone who uses your kitchen often and manoeuvring it is second nature to you, holiday kitchen towels are the best addition for you. These towels won’t cause you to change your routine, but they will serve as a delightful reminder of the Christmas season. In relation to the dining room, if you are one to use tablecloths, spread a festive tablecloth over your dining table, (plaid tablecloths are all the rage this season). However, if you are not a tablecloth person, the jar of Christmas ornaments mentioned earlier makes for a beautiful dining-table centre piece.

Make Use of Everyday Spaces that are often overlooked in the Decorating Process

If you do not have a lot of space for decorating, make use of the ordinary little spaces you have. This Christmas season, make certain that your most frequently used door is decorated as it sets the holiday tone for the rest of your home. Add at minimum, one wreath to your door. This wreath should be covered in holiday accents as this encourages the festive feeling and makes your home seem more inviting. Windowsills, and shelves that are usually bare should now become homes to bows, tinsel, and holly garlands. Additionally, if you need an extra pop of colour, add some fairy lights to these spaces.

Set out a tray of Christmas cookies or a plate of Christmas candies.

On Christmas day when all the decorating is done, one more thing that you can do is arrange and set out a tray of Christmas cookies on your dining table or countertop. Christmas cookies are delicious, but they will also work to fill your home with the sweet smell of the holiday season. Alternatively, create a special display of Christmas candies for your dining table. The variously coloured candy wrappers and sizes of the candies can create a tasty but eye-catching centre piece.

Adorn your home with the tips you find most appealing. If you already have the jars, all you need are ornaments. Candles also promote calmness and what better time to be calm than at Christmas? A new set of holiday kitchen towels could be a nice reminder of the Christmas season. Being able to utilize your everyday spaces in the decorating process can leave you feeling fulfilled. Finally, you can never go wrong with Christmas cookies! Test out one, or all five of these tips this Christmas season.

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