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6 Ways to Update Your Kitchen & Add Value to your Home

Your kitchen is one of the most compelling rooms in your home, after all, it is the most active. From cooking, to entertaining or just simply spending quality time with your loved ones, your kitchen is where the magic happens and memories are made. If you’re thinking it’s time for an update, whether in the simplest of changes, or starting fresh with a blank canvas, your options are endless with the wide range of new kitchen design trends around that can ensure your project results are exactly what you want.

Check out these top six tips to transform your kitchen in to the perfect blend of functionality and style and the cook space of your dreams, right here! What’s more, you can find everything you’ll need for your project conveniently located at our sister store, Blueprint Imports!

Modernize Your Counter Tops

Your kitchen countertops make a statement and are the perfect conversation starter! Installing new countertops can instantly transform your kitchen and need not break the bank, since options for beautiful yet durable countertop materials have become expansive, thanks to a growing use of creativity and heavy duty materials that ensure workable countertop solutions for any budget. So get excited! Swap out that old school tile and grout, or vinyl countertop, for a more solid surface variety. Whether you choose epoxy resin, or more natural stone varieties such as marble or granite, or even a more pocket friendly option like quartz, you are guaranteed to be amazed at the beautiful, long-lasting and easy to maintain results.

Choose Cabinetry Wisely

Your cabinetry forms the backbone of your kitchen, so choose well and be sure they fit both your space and your style. If more popular material options for modern kitchen cabinets, such as plywood or stainless steel is not an option, consider utilizing PVC kitchen cabinets which provides for a trendy more inexpensive option that is just as sleek and easy to maintain. When thinking style, remember base cabinetry attracts the most attention, so opt for clean-lined cabinetry, especially if your kitchen will feature a bold colour or outstanding countertops. Ideally, you want your style to be consistent so use colours that complement each other in both your cabinetry and countertops when it comes to using either darker or lighter colours.

Add a Pop of Paint

If brand new cabinetry is not a possibility right now, do not be deterred. Instantly transform your kitchen and achieve that wow factor by simply changing up the paint on your kitchen cabinetry and walls! The right colours will instantly upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen, so be sure to pick colours for both your cabinets and walls that complement each other. Choose from endless options, such as vibrant and bold blues paired with warm greys or crisp whites, or go for the more popular and modern black finishes that can additionally help to cover up older, more outdated or worn out cabinets.

Update Fixtures and Finishes

Updating your kitchen’s old fixtures and finishes is a simple yet creative and cost effective way to upgrade your kitchen in no time at all! Changing out that old faucet for a new, sleek design, or upgrading to a luxurious farmhouse sink, can each bring an unmistakable, bright new element to your space all by themselves, for example. Bring your outdated kitchen in to the modern era in minimal time, with a wide range of products and designs that feature both style and functionality. Choose from durable materials in aluminum, stainless steel or brushed metals and more-all of which can be carefully paired with existing appliances, for a flawless look. What’s more, everything you need is available at Blueprint Imports!

Upgrade Your Flooring

Tackling your kitchen floors in your next update is doubly smart since floors get the most action and are almost certainly in need of an upgrade, especially if your last update was a while ago. Flooring plays a major role in your kitchen and should not be overlooked because while visual appeal is important, durability and safety must also be a factor. Upgrade that old school vinyl or linoleum, to more modern and resilient materials likely to transcend time, such as stone, tile or wood floors as these materials are extremely durable. Be sure to ask about non-slip options for tiles and if your kitchen already features good hardwood floors that have just lost their shine, then consider simply restaining or refinishing them in order to buff out any scratches and restore life.

Transform Your Lighting

Lastly, modernizing the lighting in your kitchen is a brilliant way to keep the mood bright and ambiance welcoming! Not only is good kitchen ambiance aesthetically appealing, it is essential for safety and if done right, it can be extremely economical as well. Recessed lighting is a great option for achieving modern illumination and you should consider installing a dimmer switch for versatility and more control. Some other great options for illuminating your kitchen are through pendant lighting, chandeliers or cabinet lighting-whatever you choose, opt for LED energy saving bulbs wherever possible, as these bring added benefits that extend to both you and the environment!

Whether you choose to tackle all or just one kitchen upgrade at a time, there is a remarkable aesthetic difference to be seen and great value to be added to your entire home. Need help tackling your next kitchen update? Blueprint Management and Blueprint Imports are here to support your every need!

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