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Five Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

Are you looking at your home and wondering if it is time to revamp your space? Are you finding it challenging to relax at home because there are a few things that you would like changed about your surroundings? You are not alone! We have all experienced this at some point or the other. Your home should be a place that brings you happiness upon entry, and a home revamp is just the solution you are looking for. Here are five budget friendly suggestions on how to refresh your home to create a warm, welcoming, and inspiring space.

Rearrange your Living Room

Firstly, declutter your living room space. Living tends to get messy at times so ensuring that you regularly declutter can drastically improve the atmosphere of the room. Following this, recruit a friend or family member to assist you with furniture movement. Try a few combinations with various accent pieces such as amber glass vases, or bottles until you have found a visually pleasing layout. Also, make certain to arrange couches, chairs, and ottomans into a group like formation to encourage conversation.

Replace your Kitchen Hardware

Little touches can massively elevate the look of your kitchen; therefore, it is important to establish the look you want to achieve prior to purchasing products. A material such as chrome will have a shiny, silver finish, whereas a material such as brass will be warm with a golden undertone. When using chrome doorknobs and handles on kitchen cabinets and drawers, chrome will reflect the light in the room making it brighter and seemingly bigger. On the other hand, brass absorbs the light making the space seem warmer, and more elegant. Alternatively, you can opt to mix match your metals to create elements of visual intrigue in your kitchen.

Alter your Bedroom

As your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, the first attempt to refresh this room should start with your bed. Try bold new bedsheets. Solid colours unify the space and emphasize the dullness of a room or opt for bedsheets with prints and pattens that stand out and will alter the atmosphere of the room. Alternatively, refresh your room with images and objects that speak to your personality. Aesthetics are important but walking into a room and seeing items that you love will always lift your spirit. Finally, consider repainting your bedroom. Bright colours such as beige or white create a brighter and more open space whereas darker colours such as green create a cosier space.

Refresh your Bathroom

There is nothing like a refreshing bath after a long day and part of this experience is the shower. Consider purchasing a new shower head. Shower heads are a key factor in the bathroom’s overall design and depending on the type, they can make your bath more enjoyable. Moreover, towels are just as important to the bath experience. If you have had your shower towels for more than two (2) years, it is time to replace them. This time around, purchase Turkish or Egyptian cotton towels as those are the softest and most absorbent kinds of towels.

Bring the Outdoors In

Studies have shown that having plants indoors can boost a person’s productivity, concentration, and creativity all while cleaning the indoor air. Therefore, if you really want to refresh your space, adding a few plants is the way to go. However, make sure to group plants in odd numbers, grouping plants in even numbers can seem abnormally symmetrical. Also, pay attention to plant colours. Plants with the same leaf colour will seem more cohesive while plants with varying leaf colours will seem brighter and more inviting.

Although refreshing your home can sound like a very big and expensive task, it does not have to be. Afterall, rearranging and decluttering the living room is completely free. Renovating a few pieces in a room rather than the entire room is sometimes all that is needed. Only replacing the hardware in the kitchen will not break the bank. Altering your bedroom will do wonders for you mentally and changing up a few aspects of the bathroom will lead to a more positive bathroom experience. Give these suggestions a try today!

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