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How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Have you ever passed by a home and simply had to do a double take? That’s the magnificence of curb appeal! Beautiful homes start on the outside and first impressions last. Furthermore, statistics show that homes with better curb appeal appreciate in value by anywhere between 5-11% and tend to sell quicker whenever placed on the market.

Did you also know that transforming your home’s exterior and boosting its aesthetics does not have to break the bank? There are several inexpensive ways to improve and beautify the exterior of your home, so if you’re ready to see your home’s true potential, here are a few ideas to get you started!

Do a Thorough Cleaning

A must have when trying to boost your home’s curb appeal, is a clean property! While it is not the only way to improve curb appeal, it is certainly the first thing that needs to be done as you shouldn’t try adding or improving upon anything else before ensuring a clean structure free of dirt, grime and debris. Remove as much as you can on your home’s exterior and other surfaces, such as driveways and retaining walls, a great tool to use when deep cleaning is a pressure washer which can erase years of buildup; just be careful not to use it on certain surfaces with delicate finishes as it can really damage them. While revitalizing your surfaces, be sure to also remove and properly dispose of any unnecessary items deemed useless or garbage!

Focus on the Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re working with old, outdated or mixed and matched fixtures and fittings, then your home may not be as visually appealing as you hoped. In fact, an unkempt appearance on the outside actually conveys a sense of neglect. Luckily, a great way to boost your home’s aesthetic appearance and thereby its curb appeal, is to simply update your outdoor elements to more durable, quality material and finishes that go together. Some of the areas that are critical to consider are those which instantaneously capture one’s attention and add a welcoming element such as light fixtures, railings, shutters, guttering, door, trims and even your roof. You can re-evaluate such items to ensure that they are still in good standing, or update them to be more compatible with each other. Everything, including the smallest elements like house numbers, mail boxes and even lock sets, should be included since having these all function collectively goes a long way in helping to bring everything together; just be sure to use compatible colours, materials, designs and details for the best look and results!

Develop a Well-Manicured Yard

A well-manicured lawn is an instant show stopper and a guaranteed way to increase your home's curb appeal. You can start by cutting the grass, trimming any surrounding trees, clipping hedges and removing any unsightly weeds and vines from property fences or gates; ensuring that they are maintained on a regular basis. You may want to consider picking up a new and therapeutic hobby by starting a garden that includes planting colorful flowers strategically around your property as these can create a huge impact and leave lasting impressions. Plant these along the walkway or driveway, but don’t worry if there isn’t a lot of outdoor space; just be sure to use bold, bright hues and place them in the right spots!

Update Exterior Lighting

The advantages of good lighting outdoors is two-fold since not only does it do wonders for curb appeal, it also provides your home with increased safety and security. Replace old or outdated lighting fixtures with low voltage lighting in more aesthetically pleasing fixtures. You can consider going further and including accent lighting around the landscape for an unmistakable presence that is sure to stand out. Accent lighting is always a beautiful addition which delicately highlights focal points such as driveways, hedges and even trees. The use of solar lights, although lower in brightness, is a great choice for landscape lighting as they are economical, environmentally friendly and easy to install!

Be Smart About Painting

You’d be amazed at what a coat of paint can do! Consider a new paint job for your home’s exterior - you can refresh dull colours, or change them altogether to be more compatible with new fixtures and fittings. When considering new colours, you may want to lean towards more neutral tones, especially if you might consider selling one day. Research has found that more neutral, low-key colours tend to appeal to a greater section of buyers since such tones make a potential home appear more of a blank canvas that is more customizable; bright tones can be somewhat of a turn off unless you happen to find a buyer into flashy colours. Even if you never intend to sell, brighter colours on exterior surfaces tend to show wear and fade quicker.


Your home is your haven and whether improving its curb appeal is in preparation for sale, or just part of your goal as a home owner to feel a sense of pride when being met by its inviting lure at the end of a long day, your options are endless!

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