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How to Create the Ideal Functional Home Office

Though many have returned to the physical workspace, remote work continues to be a viable option across the world, thus, an office has become an essential room in the home. Those in need of such a space can appreciate that, more than just a spot to work, the ideal home office would be a perfect combination of comfort and functionality, as this in turn fosters focus and encourages greater productivity.

We always love a fun and productive project and this month, we invite you to check out some of our favourite tips to consider as we dive into the world of creating the perfect functional home office for you, right here!

Architectural Design: Blueprint Management

Interior Design: KFB Design Studios

Consider Your Options

At Blueprint Management, we know the importance of having a dedicated space, separate and distinct from the rest of the home, where your professional juices can flow freely. Before proceeding, however, consider the layout of your home and choose the area best suited to an office. No room? Make one! While opting for a spare room reno, or a complete room add-on is ideal, if it is not possible to do so, do not despair as you can always create a well-organised and productive nook in an appropriate area such as the corner of your bedroom or living room. Regardless of how you choose to proceed, be cognizant that your home office should be located in an area that offers some level of privacy and minimal distractions.

Incorporate Your Style

Once you have decided on the logistics of your home office, it’s time to let your creativity shine! Depending on your preferences, incorporate your own unique style into your workspace by adding features and touches that make you, well…you! Whether it’s a combination of your favourite colour scheme, mixed with your specific tastes in furniture and accent pieces - or simply the adding of equipment like scanners, printers and savvy storage options which increase comfort levels and make productivity easier; you can have fun with your home office’s design to create a stylish environment that is well suited to your needs!

Integrate Ergonomics

Your body and mind are intertwined, so when you take care of one, the other automatically benefits! Be good to yourself and invest in ergonomic furniture for your home office as it is an investment in your own health. Good ergonomic designs remove the many issues between a professional and their workspace, creating an optimal work environment. Because your posture withstands so much when you spend long periods sitting at an office desk, an ergonomic chair is an important addition in order to provide the targeted lumbar support you need to promote comfort and good posture. Additionally, an adjustable desk and accessories such as a computer anti-glare screen and gel padding for your wrists, further help limit the strain normally felt on your eyes, neck, wrists and shoulders.

Remember the Essentials

Technology and lighting are essential in the ideal home office so be sure to equip your workspace with the necessary technology that supports your specific line of work. A fast and reliable internet connection and virtual assistant technology, such as Alexa, provide you with access to a wealth of resources and help to empower you to complete your tasks quickly and more efficiently. Cloud-based software and digital storage solutions are also smart additions that enable seamless collaborations between professionals, including virtual meetings, real-time edits and file sharing. Lighting is just as crucial in your workspace as it plays a critical role in creating ambience, promoting a healthier and more eco-friendly atmosphere and creativity. A well-lit workspace takes dangerous strain off the eyes and significantly improves productivity, leading to a more comfortable and efficient work experience. Utilise natural light wherever possible to promote relaxation and positively influence your mood, if limited, supplement with strategically positioned, quality LED task lighting to ensure adequate lighting and unobstructed visibility.

Whether you choose to renovate, upgrade or add on your workspace entirely, give the friendly team at Blueprint Management a call today, we are ready to help you create the ideal functional home office that will fuel productivity, spark creativity, and support you in your overall well-being!

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