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Our 5 Best Kitchen Lighting Tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home where tasty meal preparation helps to bring friends and family together and strengthen bonds. As a central point in the home, the kitchen is a space you’ll want to feel bright, cheerful and welcoming – all of which can be achieved with the right lighting!

Completely transform the look, feel and functionality of your cooking space by illuminating your kitchen like a pro. Check out our top 5 kitchen lighting tips to guide you on everything from fixtures and bulbs to placement and more, right here!

Consider Your Kitchen's Layout

Before getting started, consider the layout of your kitchen as this plays a pivotal role in determining the type of lighting as well as the placement of lighting fixtures. Open-concept kitchens, where cooking areas seamlessly flow into dining and living spaces, require a more consistent lighting design. For this purpose, pendant lights or a statement piece such as a chandelier over the dining table will really define the eating area, while recessed lighting strategically placed under cabinets will maintain functionality in the cooking space. It is important to tailor your lighting choices to suit your kitchen, whether by its layout or size. Use recessed lighting for more cozy kitchen spaces and pair it with slimmer fixtures to help maintain a clean and uncluttered look.

Layered Lighting

A common mistake made with kitchen lighting is the reliance on one source of lighting, such as an overhead fixture, to light up the entire area. A well-lit kitchen requires a variety of lighting sources to avoid a dark and cave-like look. Implement a layered lighting approach with a combination of at least 3 fixture types to ensure coverage and appropriate illumination in the kitchen. Install ambient lighting, such as ceiling fixtures or recessed lights, for style and depth, as well as overall brightness. Combine your ambient lighting with task lighting, such as under-cabinet LED strips or pendant lights over an island, to target work zones and illuminate specific areas such as countertops. Add energy efficient overhead ceiling lights for general ambience and a touch of flair. The synergy of integrating lighting layers such as these creates a visually appealing and functional cooking space anyone would enjoy.

Temperature Matters

It is important to understand how the colour tint of lighting, measured in degrees Kelvin, can dramatically impact the mood and atmosphere in a space. The concept of colour temperature is crucial when selecting light bulbs for your kitchen. Whereas warm, golden hues of incandescent bulbs might create a cozy atmosphere elsewhere, in the kitchen, cooler tones in the 4000-5000 Kelvin range are optimal. These cooler temperatures mimic natural daylight, enhancing visibility and improving overall productivity as you go about your various tasks in the kitchen. Depending on the degree of colour tint, you can achieve warm whites (2700-3000k) for general lighting, such as for the dining space, bright whites (3500-4100k) which are ideal for food prep in areas such as countertops, or daylight (5000k+) for fine tasks such as baking. By choosing LED lights with adjustable colour temperatures, you are better able to balance and customize the ambience in the kitchen, according to your tasks at hand or time of day.

Focus on Task Lighting

The introduction of task lighting was revolutionary for home design and was especially welcomed in the well-designed kitchen. Task lighting provides careful and targeted illumination for specific work areas in the kitchen, reducing physical strain on the eyes and improving one’s overall safety. By utilizing under-cabinet lighting, you will ensure that your countertops are well-lit for daily activities and food preparation in this space. Pendant lights are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional – hang these over the kitchen island or sink to provide focused illumination in these high-activity zones. Going a step further and investing in adjustable fixtures would enable you to direct the light where it's needed most, ensuring a well-lit and efficient kitchen workspace.

Smart Lighting Controls

As technology advances, smart features are now a common fixture in many spaces. Embrace the future with smart lighting controls that will bring both convenience and energy efficiency to your kitchen. Voice activated smart bulbs compatible with mobile apps allow for adjustment in brightness levels and colour temperatures, amongst other things. New smart technology allows for the integration of motion sensors that will automatically illuminate the kitchen when you enter and shut off when the space is vacant, or on command. Smart lighting controls will not only enhance functionality, but they also contribute to energy efficiency and savings as you fine-tune your lighting usage to suit your specific needs.

Let us help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re thinking of giving your existing kitchen a mini-makeover or are ready to design the culinary space of your dreams, contact your friendly experts at Blueprint Management and Blueprint Imports – our sister store where you can find a wide range of beautiful yet functional fixtures for your kitchen, today!

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