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Our Four Favourite Seasonal Colour Palettes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

With the holiday season in full swing, we can all look forward to twinkling lights, vibrant colours, and Christmas cheer, everywhere!  As we prepare to deck the halls and bring the warmth and cheer of Christmas time into our own homes and offices, it’s also easy to struggle with inspiration - so whether you are a minimalist, a traditionalist, or a festive fanatic who loves to experiment with new colour palettes each year, Blueprint Management is here to unwrap some special Christmas magic just for you!

In the spirit of Christmastime, we've curated four of our favorite seasonal colour palettes to inspire your festive décor this year. From the classic reds, golds, and greens to the more modern metallics and even bolder hues, join us as we explore some beautiful colour combinations sure to make any space merry and bright!

Credit: Jenna Kate at Home

Timeless & Traditional: Classic Colour Palettes

Imagining Christmas without the timeless colour combinations of red and green, or the classic pairing of red and white, seems almost unimaginable. The truth is, these iconic colour palettes, especially those enhanced by the regal touch of gold and silver tones, create a flawless harmony that has withstood the test of time. Beyond their timeless appeal however, these classic colour palettes also prove sustainable design choices as they are consistently favored by A-list designers as popular Christmas colour schemes and thus outlive many trends of the season. Moreover, the incorporation of red and green, especially, aligns seamlessly with the authentic components of Christmas décor, inducing a nostalgic and genuine feel during the season. Infuse your holiday space with the rich reds of elements like poinsettias, candles, and ribbons, intertwined with the lush green tones of garlands and Christmas trees.  As you deck the halls, embellish your space with ornaments, wreaths, and stockings in these classic hues to complete the traditional look and feel. Accentuate with touches of gold and silver, seamlessly integrating them through table settings, ornaments, curtains, cushions, carpets, and more. Classic colour palettes are a perfect way to preserve and cherish the essence of a traditional Christmas and invoke holiday nostalgia!

Credit: Style House Interiors

Innovative and Elegant: Blues and Silver

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Transform your space into an enchanting wintertime landscape by combining beautiful blue hues – from icy blues to frosted sky tones and deep navy shades – with glistening silver tones, elevated by crisp white elements for an unmistakable frosty feel and effortless elegance. This cool and mesmerizing colour palette not only captures the magic of winter but also introduces a touch of modern elegance to your holiday décor. Embellish your tree with an array of blue, silver, and white ornaments, complemented by navy ribbon accents and clear details. Extend this captivating aesthetic throughout your space with different depths of these colours being strategically featured – incorporate blue and silver display pieces, lay blue or white table runners, and opt for furnishings like curtains, rugs, cushions, and more in varying shades of blue and white patterns. Feel the magic of this colour palette as it envelops you in a serene and stylish winter haven!

Credit: Me and Mr Jones

Luxe Holiday Opulence: Black & Gold

For those yearning for a completely different yet distinctive and daring vibe this season, consider embracing a colour palette that not only sets a new tone but also exudes elevated elegance in every space. If a bold and glamorous aesthetic captivates you, consider stepping out of your comfort zone into the luxurious world of gold and black - a palette that offers a unique twist to the traditional and instantly infuses opulent holiday grandeur! Mixing matte black tones with metallic gold or copper accents emanates warmth and sophistication and you can achieve this lavish look by adorning a dark Christmas tree with matte black and metallic gold ornaments, complemented by rich burgundy, crisp white, or clear accent colours.  Illuminate your tree with glowing white lights adorned by gold ribbons and further enhance this opulent colour combination by scattering dark and light accents throughout the space, supported by copper and metallic shades to ensure every inch radiates effortless splendor!

Credit: Liz Marie Blog

Cozy and Rustic: Neutral Palettes

Neutral definitely does not equate to boring!  You are sure to experience comfort and joy this holiday season by seamlessly bringing the outdoors inside and making a subtly bold holiday statement with a neutral colour palettes.  Perfectly blend simplicity with sophistication by incorporating soft tones such as chocolate brown, beige, and white into your holiday décor, accentuated by pops of metallic shine. This combination creates an atmosphere that is not only ultra-cozy but also sets a beautiful backdrop for this season's Christmas celebrations. Metallic hues like gold, silver, and copper are ideal companions for neutral tones, giving rise to a dazzling, glam Christmas tree and an overall stunning look in your space. Whether you choose to dress the look up with glittery additions or opt for more classic accents like pearl features and natural wooden elements, keep your curtains and furniture accents simple and white. To add a uniquely rustic touch, introduce features like burlap table runners, mason jar drinking ware, and twine-wrapped gifts, which completes this breathtaking look worthy of a magazine spread!

From vibrant pops of colour to chic neutrals, ignite your creativity and “sleigh” your holiday décor this year with Blueprint Management! Give us a call today and let’s help you make this holiday season merry and bright in the most stylish way possible!

Happy holidays from your friendly team of experts at Blueprint Management and Blueprint Imports, may your holidays be filled with joy and colour.  We look forward to serving you in the new year and beyond!

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