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Pros and Cons of Open Concept Floor Plans

With its emphasis on optimizing space and minimizing partitions between key areas, the open concept floor plan has captured the attention of architects and homeowners alike. Gaining considerable momentum circa 1980, this trend has brought a fresh approach and new aesthetic to home design by its seamless merging of the focal rooms. To date, the open concept floor plan continues to thrive, and in many places, has even become the standard for new constructions.

While its potential to positively impact upon architectural design is evident, the question remains: is this layout the optimal choice for your home? More importantly, does it align with your preferences and needs? Join us as we explore the pros and cons of an open concept floor plan, right here!


Better Airflow and Greater Space

Possibly the most obvious of the ‘pros’, are the benefits that can be found in airflow and space due to an open concept floor plan. Without the encumbrance of walls or partitions, open spaces automatically feel larger, more expansive and free flowing. Further, there is better airflow and a more harmonious connection forged between the spaces in the central area of the home, creating the ideal environment for entertainment and gatherings!

Improved Sociability and Communication

Considering the impact of social media in today’s world, maintaining a strong connection with family and friends is vital. Incorporating an open concept layout into your home’s design can easily encourage more interaction and communication due to the elimination of physical barriers. Whether engaging with friends or family from your living, kitchen or dining areas, an open concept encourages a more harmonious connection between not only the different parts of the home, but the people who reside therein.

Increased Creativity and Natural Lighting

A free flowing and unobstructed space allows for natural lighting to permeate every corner of a room, this ultimately results in a brighter, more inviting area that saves money and improves any mood! What’s more, an open concept floor plan offers an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to interior design since you will have a blank canvas to work with and create as dynamic, or as classic, a space as you desire! From the blending (or contrasting) of colour pallets and furniture selection, to the incorporation of unique decor elements…the possibilities here are endless!


Lack of Privacy

In stark contrast to its ability to connect people, the absence of walls and doors in an open concept floor plans can simultaneously result in a lack of privacy. Though solitude can still be found in bedrooms or bathrooms, for example, one may still find themself yearning for privacy in the kitchen or living areas of the home and this can be a challenging aspect with a layout that encourages constant interaction.

Increased Noise, Distractions and Odors

Without walls to divide spaces and buffer noise, you can expect increased noise levels, wafting odors and subsequent distractions at any given time. Activities in the central area of the home may require some planning so as not to disturb others since noise will easily be carried through to other areas - larger families with diverse schedules and varied activities may find this aspect of particular issue. Additionally, it is worth noting that an open kitchen means the distinct awareness of strong cooking odors and production noises throughout the living area.

Limited Storage and the Appearance of Clutter

Traditional closed floor plans confine furniture and accessories to their designated spaces, separate and distinct from each other. An open concept floor plan, however, means more visibility which can place more pressure to keep a home in good order. As open concept floor plans often rely on fewer walls for cabinetry and storage, this too may lead to storage issues which can encourage clutter or otherwise impact a space negatively.

Open concept floor plans are no doubt redefining modern living, and while they offer many benefits, there are also several disadvantages to be considered. Ready to discuss your new construction or renovation? Contact the experts at Blueprint Management today and learn more about their comprehensive suite of services that will ensure a project that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and personal preferences.

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