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The Latest Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you're a social butterfly who delights in entertaining friends and family or simply find solace in the outdoors, the concept of creating an outdoor living space is nothing short of a dream come true. These thoughtfully designed areas seamlessly bridge the gap between the indoor comforts of your home and the refreshing embrace of the outdoors; having become increasingly popular due to a power to relax and reset both body and mind. Given the recent spike in temperatures, an outdoor living space may be an excellent option to help endure the heat. Join us as we check out some of the latest trends in these spaces, right here!


The kitchen is the most traversed room in a home, beyond its vital role as a functional space, it represents a safe place to strengthen bonds with family and to entertain friends. This is precisely why the alfresco kitchen has become such a sizzling trend. By creating an outdoor kitchen space, you can enjoy the open air environment while interacting with loved ones or entertaining family and friends! Popular features of alfresco kitchens include built-in grills, stone pizza ovens, farmhouse sinks and stone countertops, all or any combination of which, will create an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere as you carry out your cooking activities.


Trending just as high and perhaps offering the perfect complement to an alfresco kitchen to create a well-rounded outdoor living space, is the outdoor seating area. If entertaining is a core activity in your household, or you simply delight in enjoying the tranquility that comes from being in the fresh air, outdoor seating is a must have! Features increasingly popular in outdoor seating areas include durable, multifunctional furniture such as storage benches, sectionals and ottomans that help save on space, as well as DIY stone fire pits which add both beauty and functionality as you entertain. Accent features in outdoor living spaces continue to gain popularity in the form of pergolas, shade sails and retractable awnings, which provide important protection in hot climates and add eye-catching, aesthetic appeal.


As the world becomes increasingly conscious of our endangered eco-system, more sustainable options in outdoor living spaces are rising in popularity. Many people are now opting for low-maintenance, sustainable landscaping, often chosing features such as drought-tolerant plants, hedges or gardens and sustainable materials and practices such as eco-friendly furniture, rainwater harvesting systems or solar-powered lighting systems. Vertical gardens or "living walls" are also on the rise, having become a sensation in outdoor spaces due to their provision of lush green backdrops whilst purifying the air, simultaneously. What’s more, the use of natural elements such as wood and stone outdoors is trending as they blend exceptionally well in outdoor environments and provide a rustic yet organic feel in this space.


Technology is constantly evolving and as more and more people gravitate towards the outdoors, smart technology is trending in outdoor living spaces. Features such as weatherproof TVs, outdoor speakers and other entertainment systems such as movie screens, gaming setups and even automated watering systems have become increasingly popular. Not to be left out is the trending use of security systems worldwide as these provide you and your loved ones with a necessary safety component as you enjoy your time outdoors.

When considering any outdoor living space, several important factors such as climate, use of space and personal style should come in to play. If breathtaking yet functional outdoor living spaces are on your project wish list, we can help!

Contact your friendly experts at Blue Print Management today and let’s discuss how we can help you create a space that not only meets your needs and your budget, but also incorporates the latest trends!

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