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Construction Industry Trends Impacting the Field in 2022

Before any new construction project begins, it is advisable to consider current trends in the industry. While some trends may be fleeting, many are here to stay-not to mention, the new and emerging trends surfacing each year! From modern designs, to unique builds and eco-friendly constructs, your team at Blue Print Management does it all.

Check out some of the current building trends in the construction industry for 2022 that can help take your next project from a desire of the imagination, to striking reality!

Safety & Security

In the construction industry, safety means everything. Any efficient construction management team will agree that focus must be placed not only on providing safe and hazard free jobsites, but also on creating safe buildings. Many clients appreciate having their building designs created with added emphasis on safety-a trend recognised and admired here in Barbados as a prominence on safety is usually placed through thoughtful layouts and sleek safety features and mechanisms, at the very planning stages. The topic of safety also goes hand in hand with another huge trend in building today-smart technology, which has evolved to feature the endless possibilities of automation. Control locks, windows, lighting and more by the simple touch of a button, or monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world.

At Blue Print Management, we always uphold our goals for safety and at all points-whether it be with our builds, employees or subcontractors, we ensure that safety and convenience is an integral part of your new space.

Modern Designs

If clean, sharp lines with modern flair are your thing, you’ll be happy to know that modern designs rank high on the top building trends of 2022! Modern chic has become a highly favoured building style across the world and right here at home in Barbados, modern homes and office spaces have been popping up all over the island, though we continue to stay in touch with British colonial style. Simple yet functional, the modest, clean eye-catching designs of the modern build definitely make an impact. As more and more clients opt for an aesthetic blend that boasts sleek yet catchy lines, paired with beautiful, contemporary accents, the aesthetic appreciation in a property truly becomes the focal point. Bold moves such as blending curved barrel ceilings with straight edged doorways, or straight exterior lines being softened by arched windows and doors, make for breathtakingly artistic builds. Take it a step further by maximizing on our beautiful tropical climate and incorporate your modern interior with a seamless transition to impressive outdoor spaces. The options are endless!

Unique Builds

Create a space that is as full of personality, uniqueness and joy as you are. Having something that is a style all your own, different and uniquely yours, is an amazing feeling and high on the list of traits that are seriously trending. From hidden rooms, to creative stairways and ‘she sheds’, not only do unique buildings ensure the owners’ ability to build a property that will reflect who they are, but if your next project is an investment property, you are further afforded the ability to create a space that any potential renter will want to possess!

Sustainability and Green Construction

Green constructions and the use of sustainable resources, is a popular trend that implements environmentally friendly measures, from pre-construction planning to project closure. Green buildings optimize on the preservation of energy and the utilization of resources to help reduce wastage and enable near zero carbon emissions. What’s not to love? We can all feel good about saving money and reducing our carbon footprint to protect the earth and future generations! What’s more, the use of sustainable, high-efficiency materials and appliances also play a key role in improving occupant health. There are endless ways to build a greener home, or office space-from the materials used in construction, to energy efficient windows and fixtures for reduced energy consumption and even down to drought-tolerant vegetation to reduce water wastage, you’ll love the savings on your pocket…and the environment!

At Blue Print Management, our achievement in building your masterpiece is our commitment to you. Your wish is our command-our customers are always a priority and a substantial part of the process, from design to completion. This is the culture we have built and will continue to stand by; it’s the Blue Print Way!

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